Health and Social 

When it comes to the health of their families and neighbors, Americans agree far more often than they disagree. Despite high profile debates in Congress and the judiciary branch, a large majority of voters support requiring contraceptive coverage through employer-provided health insurance and vaccinations of children except in the cases of medical conditions or religious objections. 

  • Vaccination: Three in four (75%) voters feel “vaccinations are safe, help promote public health, and should be required except in cases with medical conditions or sincerely held religious objections.”
  • Right to Die: A majority of voters (70%) believe patients who are terminally ill, but mentally competent should be allowed to end their own lives. African American voters are the only demographic to not agree with the right to die policies - 55% of this demographic group is not in support of the policy.
  • Capital Punishment: Two--thirds of American voters support the use of some capital punishment, though African Americans are divided on this issue. Support for capital punishment is strongest among white voters, only self-described liberals support abolition at a tepid 52%.


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