Although the stock market has significantly improved and the unemployment rate has dropped to below 2008 levels, a majority of voters still believe the U.S. economy is in poor shape. But voters tend to be slightly more optimistic about their state economy.

  • 51% of voters across the nation believe the economy in their state is good or very good. This is especially true of voters in the Midwest. 
  • But they feel the national economy is poor and are pessimistic about the future: a majority of voters believe the U.S. economy is on the wrong track.

A number of economic proposals could pass Congress with strong majority of support from a broad cross section of American voters.

  • Voters want Congress to step up efforts to keep companies from shipping jobs overseas. 
  • Voters ranked fair pay for women in the top two most helpful economic policies for themselves and their families—this is
    largely driven by Democrats and Independents.

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